Program Directors


Interested in taking advantage of the benefits available to AUPHA member programs?  Take a look a what we offer and let us know what's right for you:

Graduate Programs: Join HAMPCAS

Have you considered joining our centralized application service, HAMPCAS? Now is the time to consider how you can increase the volume of prospective applicants and efficiently manage your application process, while creating a positive experience for prospective students.  By participating in HAMPCAS, your program becomes part of a national platform for program promotion and visibility, data collection and management, and the sharing of best practices. Learn more about how you can enroll your program in the complimentary member service today.

Benchmark Your Program

How does your program compare to others?  Using Benchmarking for Education in Healthcare Management (BEHM), you can compare enrollment demographics, graduate placement and faculty demographics.

BEHM is a complementary service for AUPHA program members.

Post a Job Opening

AUPHA's Career Center is available to post job openings in academia and the private sector.  Jobs posted here are shared with a network of career centers in the healthcare sector.  Take a look and learn more.

Your Community

Did you know that discussion communities are available exclusively for graduate and undergraduate program directors?  Looking for a solution to an ongoing challenge, or want to know what your colleagues think about the future? Participate in the community designated just for you: