Affiliate Membership

Affiliate Membership

Affiliate Membership in AUPHA is ideal for non-academic entities or academic programs that do not grant a full degree in healthcare management. For example, programs in health IT, health policy, health law, or informatics may wish to take advantage of this linkage to the healthcare management field. Additionally, certificate and associates degree programs are eligible for Affiliate Membership. Programs that offer a full degree in healthcare management are not eligible for this membership category.

Affiliate Membership in AUPHA is also designed to provide an opportunity for those providing non-degree based healthcare management and leadership education to join forces with those in academe to ensure the rigor and quality of the educational continuum.

As an Affiliate Member of AUPHA, your organization will have access to the tools and resources currently in use in the world’s finest bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in the world. Further, you will have access to the individuals teaching in these programs. This access will not only provide you resources to enhance and strengthen your own educational offerings, but can create a dialog between you and those that are training the entry-level healthcare management work force. By developing relationships throughout the educational continuum, you can ensure the quality of both the early and ongoing education of the workforce.

Membership extends to 5 individuals in your organization, but may be expanded. For more details please contact AUPHA.

Affiliate Member Benefits

Affiliate Members of AUPHA receive the following benefits and services:
  • Listing on AUPHA website in Affiliate Member section.
  • Access to member-only information on the AUPHA website and Network for the primary contact plus 4 additional individuals (more may be added)
  • Journal of Health Administration Education subscription for the primary contact plus 4 additional individuals (more may be added)
  • AUPHA Exchange subscription
  • Benchmarking Program Access
  • Student eligibility for the Winston Fellowship for any student in the university
  • Meeting Discount
  • Publication Discount
  • Employment Advertising Discounts

Membership Dues

Affiliate Membership is $1,500.00 per year.  The cost to add individuals beyond the five (5) included is $100 per individual.