About the Journal

The Journal of Health Administration Education (JHAE) is a quarterly peer-reviewed journal which chronicles research, case studies, and essays by leading health administration educators and professionals.

The Journal addresses key policy issues in health administration management nationally and internationally and is the foremost authoritative guide on the latest academic and professional developments in the field.

As one of the only professional publications in the field, the Journal sets a standard in health administration education research. More.

About the Exchange

The AUPHA Exchange is a monthly e-newsletter that is sent to all AUPHA members and external stakeholders. The Exchange shares news about member programs, association events and initiatives and features a quarterly blog by the CEO and Chairman of the Board.  More.

About Benchmarking Research

The Benchmarking for Education in Healthcare Management (BEHM) platform allows programs to identify areas of strength, reveal areas for improvement, and start the process of further strengthening the program as a whole.  BEHM enables programs to benchmark against others by  offering comparisons and reports via pre-set filters.  

With the launch of the Compensation & Benefits Portal in early 2013, BEHM became a multidimensional platform containing both the Compensation & Benefits Portal and the Program Operations Portal. More.