Program and Faculty Compensation Surveys

As of January 2, 2015, the Benchmarking for Education in Healthcare Management (BEHM) platform has closed.   Since its release in 2012, BEHM has been an under-utilized member benefit, with participation on the decline each year.   For 2014, only 16% of program members supplied their full data set, leaving the platform data pool insufficient for reliable comparison and benchmarking.  The Compensation & Benefit’s platform has not performed any better, with a mere 7% of AUPHA member faculty utilizing the system.

In the interim, AUPHA will administer the Program and Faculty Compensation Surveys via an online survey tool, as was done prior to BEHM.  This process will once again allow for the sense of security when reporting compensation information and also provide PDF reports of the data analysis.  Stay tuned in the coming months for more information on these surveys. 

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Program Surveys
This research contains data regarding education offerings at member programs, acceptance and matriculation rates, placement and earning of graduates, and more.

Faculty Compensation Surveys
This research reports faculty compensation at AUPHA member programs, organized by rank, tenure, program type, accreditation level and more.

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