Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

To develop leaders who possess the values and competencies necessary to drive improvement throughout the health system.

Our Mission

AUPHA fosters excellence and innovation in health management and policy education, and scholarship.

Our Values

AUPHA achieves excellence and innovation in healthcare management and policy education by embracing diversity and providing opportunities for learning and collaboration.
  • Excellence: AUPHA believes that excellence in education leads to excellence in healthcare management practice, and ultimately leads to improved quality, efficiency and accessibility in healthcare delivery.
  • Innovation: AUPHA promotes innovation, encourages the adoption of new strategies, and disseminates best practices in healthcare management and policy education.
  • Collaboration: AUPHA collaborates in the generation and translation of research and the integration of theory and practice in interprofessional work environments.
  • Diversity: AUPHA believes diversity --in people, in programs and in perspectives --is essential for an effective interprofessional workforce.
  • Learning: AUPHA pursues continual learning to advance and share knowledge, to foster the development of pedagogy, and to improve teaching and practice.