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The Journal of Health Administration Education (JHAE) is a quarterly peer-reviewed journal which chronicles educational research, case studies, and essays by leading health administration educators and professionals.

The Journal addresses key issues in healthcare management and health policy education nationally and internationally and is the foremost authoritative guide on the latest academic and professional developments in the field.

As one of the only professional publications in the field, the Journal sets a standard in health administration education research.

Editorial Board

Leonard H. Friedman,
PhD, MPH,FACHE George Washington University
Soumitra Bhuyan PhD Rutgers University
Jeff Canar PhD Rush University
Lumbe Davis DHSc, MPH, CHES Saint Leo University
Steve Davis PhD, MPA, MSW West Virginia University 
Richard Greenhill DHA, FISQua, FACHE Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
Su-I Hou Dr.PH, CPH, MCHES, RN University of Central Florida 
Steven W. Howard PhD University of Alabama Birmingham
Jami Jones PhD Medical University of South Carolina
Amy Y. Landry MSHA, PhD University of Alabama at Birmingham 
Erin Sullivan PhD Suffolk University
Kevin Valadares PhD University of Southern Indiana

Contact the Editor

For inquiries related to publishing in the Journal of Health Administration Education, please contact Leonard H. Friedman via email or mail to:

Leonard H. Friedman, PhD, MPH, FACHE
The George Washington University
Professor and MHA@GW Program Director
Department of Health Policy & Management
950 New Hampshire Ave., NW Suite 600
Washington, DC 20052 US

Most Recent issue

Volume 39, Number 3, Spring 2023

Author: Friedman, Leonard, The George Washington University 
Original Articles 
Diversity and Inclusion in CAHME-Accredited Graduate Healthcare Management Programs 
Authors: Broom, Kevin D., University of Pittsburgh; Qu, Haiyn, University of Alabama at Birmingham; O’Connor, Stephen J., University of Alabama at Birmingham; Lemak, Christy Harris, University of Alabama at Birmingham; Borkowski, Nancy, University of Alabama at Birmingham 
The Effects of Content Release on Engagement and Performance: An RCT in an Online Undergraduate Health Management Course 
Author: Johnson, Sarah M., Indiana University; Menachemi, Nir, Indiana University 
Evaluation of a Health Administration Program and Future Considerations 
Authors: Khalil, Hanan, La Trobe University; Liang, Zhanming, James Cook University; Karimi, Leila, RMIT University; Ferrier, J. Adamm, La Trobe University; Liu, Chaojie, La Trobe University 
Benchmarking Faculty Productivity in Health Administration: Publications, Funding, and Teaching Loads 
Authors: Menachemi, Nir; Taylor, Heather L.: Robertson, Ashley S.; Balio, Casey P. 
Incorporating Ethics Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic into Postpandemic Curricula for Health Administration and Health Policy Students 
Authors: Rozier, Michael, St. Louis University; Costich, Julia, University of Kentucky; Valadares, Kevin, University of Southern Indiana 
Transformative Education Delivery Model and Career Readiness: A Pilot Study of a CAHME-Accredited Healthcare MBA Program 
Authors: Sinha, Jayati, Florida International University; Weismann, Miriam, Florida International University; Serin, Nuket, Bellarmine University; Sewak, Sphurti, Florida International University; Hertelendy, Attila, Florida International University 
Program Management 
A Systems Approach to Scaffolding Learning in Healthcare Administration Education 
Authors: Richardson, Eric L., University of North Carolina, Wilmington; Mast, Linda, National University; Fisher, Daniel, University of North Carolina, Wilmington; Schroeder, Lindsey, University of North Carolina, Wilmington; Conklin, Sheri, University of North Carolina, Wilmington; Gordon, Jean, University of North Carolina, Wilmington 
Teaching Tips and Tools 
Teaching Project Management in Health Administration: Tips for Navigating the Vast Project Management Universe and Translating Concepts to the Health Administration Environment 
Authors: Davis, Stephen, M., West Virginia University 
Planetary Health Education for Future Healthcare Leaders: A Practice-Based Approach 
Authors: Garman, Andrew, N., Rush University; Basapur, Santosh, Rush University; Hughes, Ian, Rush University; Chen, Regina, Rush University; Bejster, Mallory, Rush University; Gomez-Perez, Sandra L., Rush University; Cygan, Heide, Rush University 
“Shitty First Drafts” and Other Lessons from a Writing Elective for Graduate Public and Health Administration Students 
Author: Larson, Stephanie, Cleveland Clinic 
Examining Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) Assignment Redesign Through the Lens of the TILT (Transparency in Learning and Teaching) Framework 
Authors: McVicar, Kimberly, L., Ferris State University; Bullard, Gail, Ferris State University; Herrera, Annamaria, Ferris State University; Schad, Jennifer, Ferris State University 
A Classroom Finance Conference to Enhance Student Competency and Guide Career Development Authors: Williams, Dunc, Medical University of South Carolina; Swanson Kazley, Abby, Medical University of South Carolina