International Academic Programs

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International Academic Programs

Eligibility:  Any academic program outside of the US and Canada that prepares students for careers in healthcare management is eligible to be an International Program Member of AUPHA. Programs seeking greater stature and a higher level of benefits may also wish to consider Associate Membership in the Association.

The following services, rights and privileges will be afforded to International Program Members:

  • Individual memberships for three program faculty
  • Full access to all resources and information on the AUPHA Network and web site to member faculty
  • Listing of the program in International Program section of AUPHA web site
  • Certificate of Membership in AUPHA
  • Journal of Health Administration Education subscription to all member faculty
  • AUPHA Exchange subscription to all member faculty/staff
  • Member only discounted rates to the AUPHA Annual Meeting, Graduate Program and Practitioners Workshop, and the Undergraduate Workshop. AUPHA Events connect you with colleagues from across the country and around the world.
  • AUPHA publication discount for all member faculty/staff

For more information about AUPHA membership, please contact Chris Sanyer by email or phone at 202/763-7283 ext. 122.

Membership Dues