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Faculty Forums are central to AUPHA's mission, bringing together faculty from diverse programs with common interests. Faculty Forums exist primarily as online communities. Within the Forums, faculty exchange ideas, engage in dialogue and pursue research in healthcare administration education.

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Faculty members at AUPHA can access a wealth of resources devoted to enhancing teaching methodology and curriculum development. Additionally, AUPHA offers resources and opportunities to support the professional development of instructors, professors and program directors.

As a faculty member, you can build your personal network and enhance your skills and expertise by getting involved with AUPHA.


The Journal of Health Administration Education is an international journal that chronicles advances in the education of health services managers and key policy issues for the field. Published quarterly, the Journal provides a forum for the presentation of health services research as it relates to the educational process, the communication of innovative approaches to formal education and management development in health services administration, and the review of new books from the perspective of educators.

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Prizes, Scholarships, and Awards

Faculty Prizes

  • Gary L. Filerman Prize for Educational Leadership
  • Baxter International William B. Graham Prize for Health Services Research
  • Quint Studer Gratitude Prize for Teaching Excellence
  • John D. Thompson Prize

 Faculty Scholarships

  • Glandon Family Scholarship for Advancement of Healthcare Management Education

 Faculty Awards