Upsilon Phi Delta

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UPD Membership

Membership in Upsilon Phi Delta Honor Society is open to individuals who meet the national and local standards of this organization and are accepted and initiated into membership of a collegiate chapter. Membership is open to students, faculty, healthcare executives and administrators, and to those contributing to the healthcare administration profession.

Minimum Standards for Students

Undergraduate members must have a cumulative GPA of 3.25 on a 4.0 scale in 18 hours of work after officially declaring a healthcare administration major at an AUPHA Member Program. Graduate members must have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 based on at least 18 hours of graduate work at an AUPHA Member Program.

Chapter Dues

Annual Chapter dues are $100 per chapter, paid by the academic program. Where a university or college has graduate, undergraduate, and doctoral programs, an application for each program must be submitted and a chapter fee paid for each program.

Chapter Activity  Individual chapters are autonomous and can plan activities and functions based on the members’ interests and individual program needs, as long as they are in compliance with the UPD Policies and Procedures.

Apply for a Chapter

To apply apply for a chapter complete the UPD Chapter Application and mail it to AUPHA, 1730 Rhode Island Ave NW, Suite 810, Washington, DC, 20036, along with the $100 fee. 

*UPD Chapter Applications will only be accepted from current AUPHA member programs. 

More Information

For more information on UPD and a list of current UPD Chapters, visit the UPD Student page

For general inquiries related to the UPD Honor Society and UPD Chapters, email Chris Sanyer or call (202) 804-4213.