The Andrew Pattullo Lecture

The administration of health services is one of society's most complex managerial assignments. If the public's interest is to be well served, it is essential that health services administrators be well qualified for their responsibilities. The Andrew Pattullo Lecture is a major contribution to the professional education of health services administrators.
The objective of the lecture is to enrich the perspectives of educators through the insights of an individual whose views are important to their mission. The lecturer is an individual to whom health administration educators are not likely to be otherwise exposed. The lecture is intended to cross the boundaries of sectors and disciplines, bringing insights from outside of the usual focus of the health administration field.
The Andrew Pattullo Lecture is a highlight of the AUPHA Annual Meeting. The lecture was established in Mr. Pattullo's honor by a multinational committee. The first lecture, The Changing Future of Administration, was presented by Harlan Cleveland in 1983.


Andrew Pattullo was an officer of the WK Kellogg Foundation for nearly 40 years. More than any other individual, he stimulated the development of health administration as a pro­fession. His creativity influenced both educa­tion and practice through the development of institutions, organizations and individuals. Mr. Pattullo was particularly effective in recognizing the potential of individuals for leadership and in creating opportunities to develop that potential.