Resilience & Well-Being Tool Kit

Resilience & Well-being in Stressful Times
A Tool Kit for Health Administration Educators 
AUPHA and Quint Studer Community Institute

This fifty-five page wellness resource, in an easy to use Portable Document Format (PDF), was developed for the entire health administration education community. Please feel free to share this resource with your institution, program, faculty and students, with attribution.  

Excerpt from the welcome:

Educators fill a variety of roles: instructor, facilitator, role model, counselor, and guide. You are a leader…and leadership is an inside job. No one can control the external environment. We can control only how we react to it. When we can cultivate a sense of inner well-being, we carry it into the world around us. We become powerful influencers who make that world a better place.

You know as well as anyone that healthcare professionals tend to focus on what’s wrong. It’s understandable since our job is to identify symptoms so we can treat illness. Yet when we start with a “what’s right” mindset, we raise people’s energy instead of lowering it. This gets everyone in a frame of mind where positive change is possible.

Hopefully, this tool kit will help you achieve all of these goals. My team and I put it together to provide some exercises, techniques, and resources that can help you build the resilience needed to stay mentally and emotionally healthy. 

Wellbeing: An AUPHA Coaching Call and Tool Kit