Certification Overview


AUPHA Certification Sets the Standard 

AUPHA Certified Undergraduate program members are recognized for having withstood the rigors of peer review in which curricula, faculty, and educational outcomes are critically examined. External stakeholders look at certification as a way to distinguish a program from its peers. Prospective students and their families seek out AUPHA Certification when searching for a program where they will invest in their future.

Certification Process
In a process comparable to other specialty program accreditations, programs seeking certification must submit an extensive self-study detailing the program's structure, educational processes, and assessment mechanisms in response to criteria established by AUPHA and the Undergraduate Program Committee (UPC). An external peer panel thoroughly examines the applicant program, with the process culminating in a virtual review session around the time of the AUPHA Annual Meeting. The panel's report and recommendations serve as the basis for certifying the program and driving program improvement.

In 2024, AUPHA's Board of Director's approved the addition of Candidacy Status as a way to support programs new to the certification process. Starting in 2026, any associate undergraduate program member seeking Undergraduate Certification will first need to enter candidacy status.

Certification vs Accreditation
Certification, while similar in process and standards, differs from accreditation in that it does not require a site visit, thus allowing the costs incurred by the program to remain much lower than that of specialty accreditation.  Additionally, certification is not required to meet external mandates, allowing the association to remain focused on the unique financial and educational needs of its undergraduate constituents.

AUPHA Certified Undergraduate Programs
To view a list of AUPHA Certified Undergraduate Programs, visit the AUPHA Program Directory, scroll down to the AUPHA Certified Programs section and select "Yes". 

For more information

Please see the Certification Documents page for more detailed information about the certification process, including policies and timelines.

For more information on Candidacy Status, please see the Candidacy Status page.

For additional information about certification, contact Chris Sanyer, Director of Membership, at csanyer@aupha.org.

Certification Fees

Initial Certification Fee - $4,500
Re-certification Fee - $3,600

Certification fees are invoiced upon application for certification review.

AUPHA Undergraduate Certification Webinar