Bachrach Family Scholarship

The Bachrach Family Scholarship for Excellence in Healthcare Administration
was established to create an endowed scholarship at AUPHA with the intent of creating a durable legacy to the education of students in areas and at institutions that contributed to the success of David and Linda Bachrach.

The $6,000 scholarship will be available to students enrolled ‘full-time’ in an AUPHA full member residential graduate program in healthcare administration who will be entering their second year of the program of study. It recognizes their demonstrated successful academic performance as an undergraduate, as well as during their first year of graduate study, with preference to otherwise qualified students who are the first in their immediate family to pursue graduate-level education, qualified students who can demonstrate an economic need for such financial support, and/or qualified female applicants.

      Eligibility Requirements

      At the time of award, applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

      • A full-time student in a residential graduate program,
      • Who will be entering the second year of an AUPHA full member residential graduate program in healthcare administration.

      Preference will be given to otherwise qualified students who:

      • Are the first in their immediate family to pursue graduate level education
      • Can demonstrate an economic need for such financial support
      • Are female 

      Application Process
      The 2024 application is now closed. The 2025 application will be available Fall 2024.

      To complete the application, you will need:

      1. Cumulative GPA: Your undergraduate cumulative GPA and your current graduate GPA 
      2. Personal Statement: A statement, no longer than 1,200 words, explaining why you are choosing to pursue a career in healthcare management and addressing why you should be selected based on the selection criteria. This is the most important piece of your application and should address the following: 
         a. Why have you chosen healthcare management as the career you want to pursue?
        b. How have you demonstrated leadership in the past?
        c. How do you see yourself using the degree?
        d. Why have you chosen the school you attend? 
      3. Resume: Your current resume as an Adobe PDF (submit via the electronic application).
      4. Letters of Recommendation: Submit two (2) letters signed and on letterhead. One letter must be from a faculty member who has observed you in the classroom (no exceptions) and one from an employer/supervisor. Letters must specifically address the scholarship and selection criteria. Letters will be accepted directly from the recommender via email (, mail (AUPHA, 1730 Rhode Island Ave. NW, Suite 810, Washington, DC 20036), and fax (202-621-7521), or uploaded by the applicant within the electronic application.
      5. Financial Support: Information on any additional financial support that you anticipate receiving towards your graduate degree, including other scholarships, grants, etc. (submit via the online application).
      6. Transcripts: Official transcripts from all higher education institutions attended are required. Transcripts are accepted from the registrar electronically to, by mail to AUPHA, Rhode Island Ave. NW, Suite 810, Washington, DC 20036, and fax 202-621-7521. Scanned copies are accepted within the online application as long as they are an official version. Do not submit unofficial copies to AUPHA. 

      How to use, save and submit the application

      Progressing through the application
      Use the "Back" and "Next" buttons at the bottom of each page to progress through the report. Using these buttons, you can go back and edit previously answered questions. 
      Saving the Application
      You are able to save the application in order to complete it at another time. You should also occasionally save the application to protect from accidentally losing information. Every page that requires an entry has a "Save and continue later" bar at the bottom. To save, click on the "Save and continue later" bar. You will be asked to enter your email address. You will receive an email from Alchemer that contains a link that will take you back to your application. This is especially useful so you can go back and upload letters of recommendation or transcripts so all the information is saved in one location. Remember, information that is not included with the application must reach AUPHA by the application deadline or your application will not be reviewed. 
      Submitting the Application
      The final page of the application contains the submit button. Only click on the button if your application is complete. You can use the Back and Next buttons to review and edit answers before you select Submit.


      For inquiries related to the Bachrach Family Scholarship, please contact Lena Dixon at

      Selection Criteria

      Applicants will be selected based on the following criteria:
      • Leadership qualities
      • Academic achievements
      • Community involvement
      • Commitment to healthcare and healthcare management as a career path
      • Other sources and amount of financial support (may be considered when all other factors are equal)

      Selection Process

      If any part of the application is incomplete or a supporting document is missing at the deadline date, the applicant/application will be disqualified. The application form and all supporting documents must arrive to AUPHA on or prior to the deadline. No exceptions will be made.

      All complete applications will be reviewed by a committee of AUPHA member faculty. 

      Past Recipients

      Gloria Valdez, University of Colorado Denver

      Leslee Milby, Indiana University

      Lily Goodman, University of Miami

      Ana Paula Gonzalez Lopez Soriano, Rush University

      Raina Jain - Cornell University, Sloan Program in Health Administration

      Alison Patsy - California State University-Long Beach

      Julia Huynh - Texas A&M Health Science Center

      Ciera Hall - University of Florida