AUPHA Board of Directors

Keith Benson, PhD
Program Director

Winthrop University
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Mark Diana, PhD
Associate Professor and MHA Program Director
Tulane University
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Past Chair        

Diane Howard, PhD, MPH
Associate Professor
Rush University
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Leigh Cellucci, PhD
Professor and Program Director
East Carolina University
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Brenda Freshman, PhD
Associate Professor

California State University - Long Beach 
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Nancy Borkowski, DBA
University of Alabama at Birmingham
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Rosemary Caron, PhD, MPH
Professor and Chairperson
University of New Hampshire 
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  Rupert Evans, MPA, DHA, FACHE
Professor and Chairman, Department of Healthcare Administration
Governors State University
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Tracy Farnsworth, EdD, MHSA, MBA
Associate Dean and Director
Idaho State University
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Raymond Grady, MHA, FACHE

Northwest Community Healthcare 
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R. Brooke Hollis, MBA
Executive Director
Cornell University
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Michael Meacham, JD, MPH
Associate Professor
Medical University of South Carolina
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Carol Molinari, PhD, MBA, MPH
Associate Professor
University of Baltimore
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Jessie Tucker III, MBA, PhD, FACHE
Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital
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  Carolyn Watts, PhD
Richard M. Bracken Chair and Chairman
Virginia Commonwealth University
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Suzanne Wood, PhD
Assistant Professor
University of Washington
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Gerald Glandon, PhD
President & CEO
Association of University Programs in Health Administration
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