Filerman Prize

The Prize and Its Purpose

The Gary L. Filerman Prize for Educational Leadership was established to honor Gary L. Filerman, PhD, the first President of AUPHA, for his many years of service to the Association and the field of healthcare management education.

The Prize recognizes individuals from AUPHA member programs who have made outstanding contributions to the field of health administration education, who have exhibited leadership in the field, and who have enriched their institutions, their students, and health administration education through their work.

A wide variety of achievements and contributions to the field may be recognized by the award

  • Excellence in teaching and pedagogy
  • Contribution to the field through scholarship and publications
  • Excellence in academic leadership
  • Influence on healthcare management education through curriculum development and design
  • Implementation of education, research, and service partnerships with the field of practice
  • Exceptional service to AUPHA and the field of health administration education
  • Other efforts to enhance the quality of health administration education

Nomination Process

Nominations may be made by individuals from AUPHA member programs, as well as affiliate or individual members of the Association. The nominee must be a faculty member at an AUPHA Full Member program. Nominations must be submitted electronically through the AUPHA website. The online form requests the nominee’s curriculum vitae along with two letters of nomination describing:

  • why the individual is being nominated for the Filerman Prize
  • nominee’s outstanding contributions to the field of health administration education
  • how the nominee has exhibited leadership
  • how the nominee has enriched their institution
  • how the nominee has enriched the lives of their students
  • how the nominee has enriched health administration education

Individuals may be renominated from year to year as long as they continue to meet the criteria for the Prize.

Check back in January for the 2020 nomination form.

Selection Process

The Filerman Selection Committee, appointed by the Chair of the AUPHA Board of Directors, will evaluate the nominations. If the committee wishes to review additional information in regards to a nominee, the nominator(s) will be contacted to provide additional materials, including two letters of nomination.

For more information

Contact Chris Anne Sanyer, Director of Membership, for more information.

Prize Winners

2021      Leonard H. Friedman, PhD, MPH, FACHE
              The George Washington University

2020      Diane M. Howard, PhD, MPH
              Rush University

2019      Sandra Potthoff, PhD
              University of South Florida

2018      Dolores G. Clement, DrPH, FACHE
               Virginia Commonwealth University

 2017      Sherril B. Gelmon, DrPH
               OHSU & PSU School of Public Health          

2016       Peter Butler, MHSA
               Rush University

2015       Richard Lichtenstein, PhD
               University of Michigan

2014      Janet Reagan, PhD
              California State University, Northridge

2013      Stephen Mick, PhD
             Virginia Commonwealth University

2012      John Wheeler, PhD
              University of Michigan

2011      Barry Greene, PhD
              University of Iowa

2010      Eugene Schneller, PhD
              Arizona State University

2009      Douglas Conrad, PhD
              University of Washington–Seattle

2008      James W. Begun, PhD
              University of Minnesota

2007      G. Ross Baker, PhD
             University of Toronto

2006      S. Robert Hernandez, DrPH
              University of Alabama at Birmingham

2005      Thomas G. Rundall, PhD
              University of California–Berkeley

2004      Mary E. Stefl, PhD
              Trinity University

2003      Charles J. Austin, PhD

2002      John R. Griffith, MBA, FACHE
              University of Michigan

2001      Vernon Weckwerth, PhD
              University of Minnesota

2000      Stephen F. Loebs, PhD
              Ohio State University

1999      Anthony R. Kovner, PhD
             New York University

1998      Gordon D. Brown, PhD
              University of Missouri–Columbia

1997      Peggy Leatt, PhD
              University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

1996      James D. Suver, DBA
             University of Colorado–Denver

Selection Committee

Mary Stefl, PhD
Trinity University

James Begun, PhD
University of Minnesota

Nancy Borkowski, DBA
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Peter Butler, MHSA
Rush University

Rosemary Caron, PhD, MPH
University of New Hampshire

Lynn Downs, PhD
University of the Incarnate Word

Connie Evashwick, ScD, FACHE, CPH, CAE

John Huppertz, PhD
Clarkson University, Capital Region Campus

Jon Thompson, PhD
James Madison University

Letha Williams, PhD
AT Still University