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Whether you want to promote your program, connect with colleagues, or enhance your career, AUPHA has what you need.

Program Membership

The heart of AUPHA is its Academic Program Members. Connect with more than 200 of the premier healthcare management/administration education programs in North America.

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Affiliate Membership

Affiliate Membership is available to non-academic entities or academic programs that do not grant a full degree in healthcare management.

Affiliate Membership

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Individual Membership

AUPHA offers Individual Membership for faculty at programs that are not currently Academic Program Members, Additionally, professionals who have an interest in healthcare management education are also be eligible for Individual Membership. 

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International Program Membership

International Program Membership  is available to programs outside the United States and Canada. Programs that have limited resources and are located in developing countries are eligible for Developing Country membership. To join, download and complete the application below. 

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For questions about becoming an AUPHA member, rates, or benefits, contact Chris Sanyer at (202) 763-7283 x122.


Annual Membership Dues

Graduate Under 300 Students 301 to 600 Students  Over 600 Students
 Full  $4,646  $7,875 $11,550
 Associate  $4,043  $7,350 $10,500
 Undergraduate Under 300 Students 301 to 600 Students Over 600 Students
 Full  $3,071 $5,250 $8,400
 Associate  $2,678 $4,725 $6,825

Other Dues
 Individual  $150
 Affiliate  $1,500
 International  $500
 Developing Country  $175

Discounts are available for institutions that have memberships for more than one program. Please contact Chris Sanyer, Membership Manager, at 202-763-7283, ext 122 or for more information.